Château Bernadou NV – Caves de Frontignan


Varietal: 100% Muscat à Petits Grains

Tasting Notes: Natural sweet wine

Color: This beautiful sweet wine has a pale yellow color with light reflects of green; it is limpid and brilliant.
Nose:  At first the nose presents complexity but delicate aromas of white fresh fruit as citrus, banana and fruit drop.
Mouth: this muscat is really elegant, nice, round with aroma of pear, rose and a spicy final.
Food Pairing: This superb muscat is perfect as an aperitif, or with melon, strawberries, cheese as Roquefort or dessert with vanilla or chocolate.
served at 8° C.


Château Bernadou NV

Caves de Frontignan

A beautiful sweet wine from the Caves de Frontignan

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