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Marc Chauvet Brut Rosé Cuvée Rubis – Champagne


Champagne Rosé is a wine of charm, festive, with incomparable style, color, and flavor, often most appreciated by the gente feminine.

Varietal: 80% of Champagne Brut Tradition and 20% of red wine picked from the slopes of the Grande Montagne de Reims in Rilly la Montagne.
The red wine is obtained from the Pinot noir grape and is elaborated completely apart from the champagnes .

Tasting Notes
Color: voluntarily sustained, strong and joyful, beautiful raspberry colour .
Nose: slightly acidic berries, currant and raspberry aromas.
Mouth: party wine, fresh, harmonious, balanced, red fruit flavors.

Food / Wine: the Cuvée Ruby accompanies magnificently white meats during a meal “totally champagne”.



The opinion of Clotilde, the oenologist
For the Rosé Champagne, I must first produce red wine with Pinot noir grapes. It reminds me of pleasant memories when I was working in New Zealand as an oenologist. I loved creating red wines…

Champagne Rosé, or the cuvée Ruby, won the silver medal in the Vinalies International contest 2011. This high-flying competition brings together some 3000 wines from around the world, enjoyed and commented on by the 100 most respected international tasters.




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