Le Pré Châtain 2018 – Rosé de Loire


Varietal: 70% Cabernet Grolleau, 30% Gamay/Pineau d’Aunis

Tasting notes:
Pink and Purple color
It is a dry rosé, that is to say without residual sugars, the assembly of these grape varieties as well as the dominance of its soil give it its fresh and easygoing side Fruity and mineral, its origin authenticates it.


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Le Pré Châtain 2018

Rosé de Loire

Wine making:
Quick vatting of 2 days and alcoholic fermentation directed in underground vats carried out either varietal grape variety, or most of the time all grape varieties combined, according to the structure of the farms.

Soil: As Anjou is a mosaic of terroirs, the wine is harvested mainly on silico-clay soils.


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