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Château de Caraguilhes LES GOURGOULES 2019 Corbières


Grape Varietal: 60% Syrah 25% Carignan 15% Grenache

Wine Tasting:
Color – Eye Deep and dense ruby red displaying a nice concentration with glints of violet at the edge of the glass.
Nose – Concentrated aromas of black fruits and tapenade, with undertones of nutmeg and pepper. The complex nose lends maturity to the wine, and this gorgeous wine is the epitome of all that the Mediterranean represents.
Palate –  The silky attack, with notes of pepper, blackberry and black olive, compliments beautifully the robust quality of the wine. The tannins contribute a good structure and balance. Les Gourgoules is fresh and zesty, a modern expression of our ancient terroir.

Serving Tip:
To benefit fully from the bouquet of this beautifully structured wine, open an hour before serving. Serve at 15-16°C.

Food Pairing:
Duck with olives, roast pork with prunes, grilled Toulouse sausage, cold meats, roast beef, grilled lamb… or on its own.

Château de Caraguilhes Les Gourgoules 2019 Organic
Corbières (Languedoc)

Caraguilhes vineyards have been committed to full organic farming since 1987. With this early awareness of the need to respect the earth and its terroir, their soils and vines have evolved to become richer and healthier. With healthier soils and healthier vines, they are growing better quality fruit, which in turn allows them to make better quality wine.
Since 1992, the accreditation body ECOCERT has ensured that all the grapes used in the making of Caraguilhes wines are certified as organic


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