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Banyuls Grand Blanc 2013 – Cave L’Etoile Roussillon


Varietal: 45% Grenache blanc  5 % Muscat 50% Grenache grey 


Banyuls Grand Blanc 2013

Cave L’Etoile Roussillon


Wine Making: The grape are de-stemmed, short macération on the skin then soft pressing. Temperature controlled fermentation. Fortification of the grapes with the alcohol Brandy.

About the winery:
In the heart of the village, the small cellar keeps the retro aspect of the time of its creation. Founded in 1921, it is the oldest cooperative in Banyuls. Known for her age-old traditional sweet wines, she has kept the traditions in a family spirit. The big thunderbolts, the demi-muids and the demijohns welcome well typed products.


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