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Domaine du Colombier Cabernet Franc 2014- Val de Loire


Varietal: 100% Cabernet Franc

Tasting Notes: Notes of fruit red, raspberry, cherry,  currant, blackcurrant floral and undergrowth.

Domaine du Colombier

Cabernet Franc 2014

Val de Loire

Wine Making: Protected Geographical Indication High Environmental Value Leaf removal
VINIFICATION BREEDING: Mechanical harvesting Table of grain sorting Pneumatic pressing Film maceration 6 days
Cabernet Franc Protected Geographical Indication Originally   from the   South   West,   one   of the theories   defends   that it   would have arrived in Loire  by the port   of  Nantes hence its nickname of  “Breton”

From the Winery

A  family winery  for four generations. The area   is   a signatory   of   the   Charter of the Vignerons Independants  de  France for more than 30  years, because   we   want that  our profession of winemaker retains the true  values of our   knowledge, all in responding to the requirements   of   the kind.

Our domain recognized HIGH ENVIRONMENTAL VALUEThis certification   of   Culture   reasoned,   evaluates   our   expertise   in   terms   of   respect of the territory in preserving an ecosystem natural. Our first   wish is   to   satisfy   our   customers   and   to keep from real relationships   human   to   through our beautiful craft of wine,   combining the usability and gastronomy in the new millennium … Our passion is to combine innovation and the tradition in our cellar


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